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The Power of PCW

"100% post-consumer-waste recycled" means every square inch of every sheet in a Decomposition Book was once part of something that was used, discarded, then saved from the waste stream to be remade into new paper.  

The process involves pulping waste paper to make new sheets -- without using bleach or having to transform trees into tiny fibers or having to remove lignin, which is all part of the energy- and chemical-intensive process required when making virgin paper.

Your purchase of products made from PCW-recycled paper supports an industry that preserves forests, prevents the release of millions of tons of C02 and reduces the use of fresh water and energy.

Though it's a small element within our larger need for action, recycling provides a number of benefits for the climate and the environment. Even sustainably forested paper doesn't have the bona fides and benefits of PCW recycled.

The paper industry responds to consumer demand, and a rise in demand for PCW recycled paper can ultimately impact industry practices in a virtuous cycle of greater availability and lower costs.