ANSI standard notebook size

Wondering What Notebook Size You Need? Read This Before You Buy

Paper notebooks offer unparalleled freedom of expression, from journal entries to doodles, while untethering you from the tyranny of battery charge limits and available electrical outlets.

However, just as selecting the ideal laptop or tablet can involve a great deal of consideration, your quest for the perfect paper notebook can leave you puzzled over the sheer range of options on the market. One principle question looms over such details as color, style, and binding: What size notebook do you need?

We have all been told that it is better to take school notes by hand, rather than type them up. You may have been all too happy to accept this as an undeniable truth of the universe. An apple will fall when dropped, you will remember the definition of “phospholipid bilayer” when you write it out. But why? Why do you remember things better when they are written out by hand?